not a fan of this, mr ricoh

stussy and ricoh team up for a collabo GRD III, with the only difference that i can make out being the blue and other small details

I don’t get it, it was so goonish before, why change anything?

well, if you want an excellent camera, but have no taste or class and want to dish out $1,100 USD then this may well be the collabo for you, but if you retain some sanity you’ll probably go for the original. these cameras are excellent. I think teh world has gone collabo crazy

I mean don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of both companies, though I think that the ricoh had such a strong look as it was, and I rate good camera design so highly that perhaps I’m being a bit rash, though I know I’d prefer the cleaner aesthetic of the original. or give me a gxr, I dont mind




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