oh dhhhaymn I had some of the ramen that was kindly given to me by some of the dice&dice guys in japan, and this is what went down

so here’s the first pack, looks pretty promising

its got some instructions, though you can just ignore those

now this is what you want to see. this here JAS stuff is pretty much the NJS of all instant ramen, I mean if it’s JAS, it’s gotta be good

oh wait hold up, what’s this? summin has been munchin up some stuff o’ mine. the goddamn mouse that’s enforcing squatter’s rights in the office has had a go at some of my nom before I managed to pick it up. goddamn mouse! the way I see it, I’ma boil these babies anyway, so nothing much germ wise is gonna hack it, so it’s all blessy. lets go

so when you take out the solid block of noodle, some of this stuff is here to go in as well. the mojo of the dish, if you may

get that bubbling and troubling for a few minutes, then take it off the heat, add yo mojo, stir it like a bad rumour and you’re ready to go

yo. getting official at home. obviously thinking that I’ve got some obsession with asian stuff, my mum got me some chopsticks for christmas, word. we also happened to have some wierd spoons that looked promising, so I used some of them.

I didn’t have any nice stuff in my fridge, so I just had it straight

slurp time


it was delicious. I didn’t know the flavour beforehand, but I’m guessing it’s like smokey pork or something, real familiar and super tasty. THANKS FOR THE RAMEN GUYS! more to come



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3 responses to “ramen

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  2. Tobi

    yaaaayyyyyy!! looks yummy.
    but please shed some light on that jas logo.

    • mikeymerk

      not sure, but it’s dope
      more coming (JAS also) so I’ll do a brief history of JAS thingy)

      sad I couldn’t come to frankfurt though…

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