the new iphone

I’m sure this is going to kill twitter or something

so someone found this thing (disguised as an old one in a rounded plastic case) at a bar, then somehow gizmodo got hold of it, took it apart and tried everything they could to determine whether it was real, and their conclusion is almost 100% definite. the article explains why, if you can be bothered to read it (apple also released that they had lost one)

the new iphone looks like it’ll be higher resolution, micro-sim card as standard, better camera with flash (and a front camera) as well as new styling and some other crap too. this is either a monumental cock up on behalf of one apple employee or one of the best pre-release advertising stunts ever. either way i don’t think apple is coming off too badly from the whole thing, i think it looks decent

read more at Gizmodo


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