ramen time

It has been quite a while since I’ve sampled the delights of instant Ramen, and to be honest I’ve missed it, clearly an integral part to a life of true fulfillment. This time it was plain ol’ beef flavour nissin instant ramen, dont underestimate it!

waiting is always the hardest part, but at least I have the perfect ramen cooking tool. When that marimba rings, a bird inside me sings and such

then, after you add the contents of the packets to the cooked ramen (as instructed on the packet) give it a good stir. But you can’t leave it naked like this

you gotta add your own bodyweight in Kewpie mayonnaise, unbelieeeevable!

then it’s all gone before you know it. OM NOM NOM


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One response to “ramen time

  1. clay

    had that one yesterday and it is true nivirna

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