my name is Mike Merkenschlager, and I am 17 18 years old

I like to ride bikes, take photo’s, skate, draw and eat. I work for and am sponsored by 14bikeco – I run their blog and related accounts i.e. flickr, vimeo, twitter etc. I also am a part of and contribute to FixedGearLondon

Through 14bikeco I am associated with Dice&Dice, and they invited me to do a blog for them, so here it is. In this blog I will post about the happenings of 14bikeco & fixedgearlondon & affiliates, as well as being a dumping place for my photo’s, random experiences and escapades

I hope you enjoy it



11 responses to “About

  1. Ric

    Mikey, nice pics.
    What sort of camera are you using?

    • mikeymerk

      thanks dude
      I’m using a few different cameras at the moment, mainly olympus xa, olympus mju, ricoh r10 (35mm not caplio) and a couple with my new contax tvs II

  2. esmachine

    Hi, are you using wide-angle lenses or a mid range zoom lens?

    • mikeymerk

      I use a few different compacts, mostly fixed focal at around 30mm, but a couple of zoom 80’s
      widest lens is the 28mm on the ricoh gr1s

  3. Financial Rhymes

    STOP making this and the shop 14 blog so bloody awesome and addictive! I’m supposed to be revising for exams dammit!

  4. If you are ever coming to the Boston area gimme a shout. Love your work and would love to do some sort of collab…. t

  5. yo mikey,

    thought you might like to check this out….. the company i work for did the post for this vid and the other star wars colab for adidas….. just watched some of the edits, loads of footage, maybe more to come……

    couple of shots on bikes, i know there was more footage though…… think i spotted gus in a few shots??


    La Fours


  6. tom

    yo… i’ve spent the last few days scrolling through your blog and finally reached the end. Really enjoyed looking at your photography and the jokes videos you posted up. Saw a few photos of my mates on here as well, small world. Thanks for sharing!

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